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Using the Special Pattern Matchers

These pattern matchers are used to locate hard-to-find items within text:

If improperly used these pattern matchers can slow queries. Therefore they require other keyword(s) in the query and are disabled entirely under Page proximity. For more details see the Vortex manual on Query Protection (


Query Matcher Finds
ronald %regan Approx Ronald Raygun, Ronald Re-an, Ronald 8eagan
%75MYPARTNO9045d/6a Approx Anything within 75% of looking like MYPARTNO9045d/6a
/19[789][0-9] RegEXpr 1970-1999
/[1-9]{3}\-=[0-9]{4} RegEXpr Phone numbers: 555-1212, 820-2200
#87 Numeric four score and seven, 87
#>0<1 Numeric Fractions like 9/16, 55%, 0.123, 15 nanoseconds

Table 6.3: Pattern Matcher Examples

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