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Using Word Forms

  The Word forms options give you control over how many variations of your query terms will be sought in your search.

Exact match:
Only exact matches will be allowed. (the default)
Plurals & possessives:
Plural and possessive forms will be found. (s, es, 's)
Any word forms:
As many word forms as can be derived will be located.
Uses the Custom Suffix List, Custom Suffix Default Removal, and Custom Suffix Min Length settings to create your own custom behavior.


Word president
EXACT president
PLURAL (above) + presidents president's
ANY (above) + presidential presidency preside presides presiding presided
Word tight
EXACT tight
PLURAL (above) + tights
ANY (above) + tightly tightening tightened tighter tightest
Word program
EXACT program
PLURAL (above) + programs program's
ANY (above) + programming programmatic programmed programmer programmable

Table 6.4: Word Form Examples

We call this morpheme processing, and it is generally smarter than a traditional "stemming" algorithm. It doesn't just rip the end off a word, it actually checks to see if it could be a valid form of the search term. More information is available at .

Notes: Thesaurus terms are also treated in the same manner. Words smaller than 4-5 characters will not be morpheme processed.

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