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Archives of Maryland, Volume 0492, Page 0023 - Matchett's Baltimore Director for 1833
1: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0492, Page 0022 - Matchett's Baltimore...
Benson Samuel, merchant tailor, 68 .Baltimore street. Benson Charles, seaman, Mulberry near Cal- vert st ++Benson John; steamboat man, Short st Benteen Henry C. stone cutter, Horse ... ...

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2: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0492, Page 0024 - Matchett's Baltimore...
Bobert Charles, sexton, of Wilk st M. church dw 181 Bond st. Bockemiller Win. tanner, Beuren near Fall st Bodaly John, victualler, n Eden st near E Balti- more st Bodden James, ... ...

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