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Archives of Maryland, Volume 0503, Page 0094 - THE FIRST COLORED Professional, Clerical and Business DIRECTORY OF BALTIMORE CITY 11th Annual Edition, 1923-1924
1: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0503, Page 0093 - THE FIRST COLORED...
Miss Mary O'H, 112 S St. N. W. Wright, James C., 514 T St. N. W. SHAW JUNIOR SCHOOL FACULTY Atwood, Miss X. M., 1315 Tea St., N. W.; N. 7392. Baltimore, Mr. William, 206 Elm St., ... ...

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2: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0503, Page 0095 - THE FIRST COLORED...
Belmont Shoe Shine Parlor...... Bethea. W. F ...... Biount, George W......Outside Front Cover Boykin. Dr. W. R... Outside Front Cover and ... ...

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