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Archives of Maryland, Volume 0544, Page 0372 - Woods' Baltimore Directory for 1856-57
1: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0544, Page 0371 - Woods' Baltimore...
Burl Elijah, oysterman, 222 L. Hughes Bush Richard, porler, 38 Jefferson Bailer Abram, cooper, 106 Cider al Butler Ann, pro. cooper shop, 401 w Balti- more, dw 136 German Butler ... ...

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2: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0544, Page 0373 - Woods' Baltimore...
Cosey James, varnisher. 53 Forrest Cosey Lucretia, 58 Dover Cosey Wm. hod carrier, 57 Elbow la Cotanck George, porter, 83 Pearl Coulson Charles, laborer, 43 s Dallas Coulson ... ...

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