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Archives of Maryland, Volume 0565, Page 0433 - Matchett's Baltimore Director For 1855-56
1: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0565, Page 0432 - Matchett's Baltimore...
Boston t Essex, Canton. Leadenhall, f Montg'y st. t mid bran, w Hano'r Lawrence, f Patap. riv. t nw br. e Powderhouse Lee, f Fremont st. t Hughes's quay, 4 sts. s Pratt Lemmon, f ... ...

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2: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0565, Page 0434 - Matchett's Baltimore...
Cross t Rand'l, e William, F. H. Washington, f nw br. t n b line, 3 sts. e Broad w. Washington av. f Columbia st. t Gwynn's falls west of Fremont Washington square, enclo. ... ...

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