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Archives of Maryland, Volume 0680, Page 0004 - Index to Maryland Provincial and General Court Deeds, 1658-1790
1: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0680, Page 0003 - Index to Maryland...
Abington to DANIEL DULANY. Lib. E.I. No. 8 (17258), Deed, p. 562. ABINGTON, ANDREW to JAMES MARSHALL. Lib. B.T. No. 1 (17263), Deed, pp. 197, 200. ABINGTON, ANDREW to ROBERT ELLIS. ... ...

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2: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0680, Page 0005 - Index to Maryland...
Court Knave, Cheating Knave, pp. 159, 331. ACWORTH, RICHARD. Lib. S (17244), Def., p. 1132. ADAIR, ALEX. AND CHRISTIAN to JOHN HYDE. Lib. P.L. No. 6 (17255), Deeds, pp. 50, 53. ... ...

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