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Archives of Maryland, Volume 0192, Page 2808 - William Kilty et. al., (eds).The Laws of Maryland from the End of the Year 1799,...
1: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0192, Page 2809 - William Kilty...
Additional and supplementary acts were 1684, ch. 2. 1686, ch. 2, and 1688, ch. 6. _____ Passed 6th of Nov. 1683. CHAP. VI. An act for payment and assessing the public charge of ... ...

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2: Archives of Maryland, Volume 0192, Page 2807 - William Kilty...
Tares and Abuses of Tobacco Hogsheads. Lib. WH. fol. 247. To endure 3 years, or to the end of the next session, &c. Continued 1684, ch. 6. 1686, ch. 3, and 1688, ch. 2. Expired. ... ...

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