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Keywords Phrases and Wild-cards

To locate words, just type them in as you would in a word processor. Letter cases will be ignored.

The wild-card character * (asterisk) may be used to match just the prefix of a word or to ignore the middle of something.

If the item you wish to locate is more complicated than the simple * wild-card can accomplish, try using the regular expression matcher (

To locate a number of adjacent words in a specific order, surround them with " (double quotation) characters. Putting a - (hyphen) between words will also force order and one word proximity.


Query Locates
john john, John
"john public" John Public
web-browser Web browser, web-browser
John*Public John Q. Public, John Public
456*a*def 1-456-789-ABCDEF
activate activate, activation, activated, ... *

Table 6.1: Query examples

* see Word Forms (6.2, here)

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